21st – 25th October 2020


800 Invitations Issued

10,000 Leaders Engaged


Europe is perhaps the greatest challenge for Christian mission today.

The Cape Town Commitment, the current roadmap for the Lausanne Movement, seeks to “bring a fresh challenge to the global Church to bear witness to Jesus Christ and all his teaching - in every nation, in every sphere of society and in the realm of ideas".

Bearing witness to Jesus Christ and all his teaching in every nation of Europe, in every sphere of European society and in the contested realm of European ideas is a huge challenge. We call on evangelical Christians across Europe, and the rest of the world, to unite with us in prayer for our needy continent and for this new Lausanne Europe initiative. Europe is in crisis. Politically, there are signs of increasing divisions. Spiritually, we are facing even greater challenges. The unholy trinity of secularism, pluralism and scientific materialism are increasingly shaping our cultures as Europeans discard biblical values and the Gospel. How should the church, and evangelical believers especially, respond? A return to God's Word, a fresh wave of evangelistic initiatives, as well as partnership and dialogue, is needed among God's people. This gathering of around 800 evangelical leaders, and the strategic process around it, has been called to help facilitate that. It will offer a fresh challenge to God's people to bear witness to Jesus Christ and all his teaching in all of Europe geographically, and in every sphere of society, including the realm of ideas. Please join us in praying for God's hand upon this initiative and for the beginnings of a turnaround in our continent.


Forty-five years after the historic First Lausanne Congress, the Lausanne Movement announces its intention to celebrate a key conference in Europe once again. Lausanne Europe invites evangelical leaders – including leaders in churches, ministries, mission agencies, and in the workplace and academia – to come together to reflect, pray and consider how we might work together to bear witness to Jesus Christ in Europe today.

This invitation-only gathering is the central event of a wider conversation, which will include pre-conference working groups, research, publications, online resources, and post-conference networks. We will be partnering with the IFES Revive Europe Conference in the New Year 2019 / 2020 and will be including many other evangelical partners in the process and the event. We anticipate that half of the attendees at the 2020 event will be younger leaders. The conference and the process will seek to honour “the spirit of Lausanne” with a focus on prayer, study, partnership, hope, and humility – with an unwavering commitment to the evangelisation of Europe.


Whilst only 800 leaders will be able to attend the gathering, our vision is to involve at least 10,000 evangelical leaders in the conversation around the event. We want their engagement to help us shape the gathering itself and to be part of developing the gospel initiatives that will result from it. We want all 10,000 of them to walk with us as we SEE, MEET, TALK and ultimately ACT to share the dynamic gospel in the new Europe.

SEE | As people join the conversation they will be encouraged to get a new perspective on Europe, to engage with resources that will open their eyes to the realities of our European context, but also to the way that churches and individual Christians are responding to it.

MEET | We don't just want people connecting with us. We want to see new relationships forged across nations, cultures, and generations. We want to see new partnerships fostered, and not just between those who are at the gathering, but to find ways of stimulating relational networks across the 10,000 leaders.

TALK | We truly want to facilitate a big conversation: that knowledge and experience is shared between us as we walk together. Some will be able to continue these conversations at the gathering itself but we want to find ways to make sure everyone continues talking both during and after the event.

ACT | We don't just want to talk. We want to see action. We want to see new gospel initiatives, new partnerships, new resources generated. The big conversation that follows on after the 2020 Gathering will be a large part of that too.