Networking Seminar

Operation World

European evangelicals are uniquely positioned to offer a gift to the Global Church. A large segment of Europe’s population is post-Christian, others are migrants from non-Christian backgrounds, and still others from places where Christianity is thriving. Operation World’s research and interactions with Christians from around the world have shown us that there are external contexts in Europe generally – and qualities within European evangelicalism specifically – that offer believers opportunity for profound testimony to an unbelieving world. Find out how, after a century of retreat, Europe finds itself at the frontier of Christian witness once more.
About the speaker
Molly Wall

Molly Wall is a researcher and editor with Operation World, which she codirects with author Jason Mandryk. She is an editor of Operation World (7th Ed.), Window on the World and the advising editor of Pray for the World. Prior to serving with Operation World, Molly served as a researcher and curriculum developer with Frontier Ventures. The Operation World team is based at All Nations Christian College near London in the UK. She has long enjoyed exploring new cultures and places - when not through travel, through their foods, live music and in more recent years, their styles and traditions of prayer.