Networking Seminar

Same-Sex Marriage: Engaging with the Culture Without Losing Our Soul (or People)

We are increasingly immersed in cultures that are redefining marriage. We will explore biblical teaching on marriage and look at why this is critical for a right understanding of the Gospel. We will examine how we can engage sensitively and practically with others in our changing society, and build confidence that biblical sexuality is good news for everyone.
About the speaker
Anne Witton

Anne is based in Newcastle UK, is one of the leaders of Living Out, heads up mission at her local church and is a trustee and speaker with True Freedom Trust. She has a Philosophy degree from University College London and is studying for an MA in Contemporary Missiology at Redcliffe College. She speaks nationally and internationally on the subject of biblical sexuality and shares her own story as a same-sex attracted Christian. Anne loves to help others know life in all its fullness in Jesus. She is happily single and loves Christian community, books, and playing her ukulele.