Teaching Seminars

You will be able to choose between these teaching seminars, which will contain about 40min talks from 2-3 speakers, followed by a 20min live Q&A session through the chat. Here you will get the opportunity to go more in-depth into the different topics.

Islam and the Gospel

Andy James

Teaching SeminarIslam and the GospelIn this seminar we are addressing some key questions that emerge from our experience of welcoming immigrants an...

The Gospel and the City

Panagiotis Kantartzis and Roger Sutton

Teaching SeminarThe Gospel and the CityOver 70% of Europeans live in urban areas. If we don’t focus on the challenges and opportunities of cities...

Tackling Today’s Global Issues

Sheryl Haw and Dagfinn Høybråten

Teaching SeminarTackling Today's Global IssuesThe Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call to action for all countries to tackle today's glo...

Reconciliation in a Polarized World

Vitali Petrenko and Johannes Reimer

Teaching SeminarReconciliation in a Polarized WorldOur world is being torn apart by many conflicts - religious, inter-ethnic and political. Nations...

Overcoming the Gods of Europe

Connie Duarte and Jeff Fountain

Teaching SeminarHow Can We Overcome the Gods of Europe?Europe is not, as often supposed, a secularised continent cleansed of all gods of the past, ...

Workplace Insights for Shaping Europe

Mark Greene, Paulina Krol and Timo Plutschinski

Teaching SeminarWorkplace Insights for Shaping EuropeWith Europe changing rapidly and church attendance almost everywhere in decline, what lessons ...