Europe is perhaps the greatest challenge
for Christian mission today

Lausanne Europe 2020 seeks to address that challenge

Coronavirus Update (27. March, 2020)

The LE2020 Coordination Team is monitoring the situation closely and will heed any governmental or medical advice regarding the Gathering in Poland in October, 2020. As the situation develops, we will be able to give you more definitive information — but for now, we are moving forward with the Gathering as scheduled. However, we suggest that you wait until closer to the Gathering before making any travel arrangements.

For more information and for the letter written by The Coordination Team for the delegates invited to the Gathering, please click the following button.

Something amazing

happens when we connect the right people,
the right ideas, at the right time
For 40 years the Lausanne Movement has been connecting ideas and influencers for global mission. Today, Lausanne Europe believes that it is time for Europeans from across the continent to come together to seek God and address the challenges and opportunities we face in Europe through the Lausanne Europe 2020 Conversation and Gathering - Dynamic Gospel New Europe.

The Lausanne 2020 Conversation

We want to engage 10,000 European evangelicals so they can participate in a virtual conversation to share their knowledge and experience, to see new perspectives, and to put those insights into practice in their lives and ministries.

The Lausanne 2020 Gathering

A gathering of 800 delegates will bring evangelical Christians, churches, and ministries together to pray, reflect, and build partnerships across nations, cultures and generations so that the New Europe is impacted afresh by the Dynamic Gospel.


Open your eyes to new perspectives on how to effectively communicate the dynamic gospel in today's Europe


Network across nations, cultures and generations with a view to forming new relationships and partnerships


Join the conversation about mission in Europe sharing your knowledge and experience whilst you also learn from others


By gaining new perspectives and partnering we want to see fresh gospel initiatives coming forth as a result of Lausanne Europe 2020