Imagine being part of a conversation with 10,000 Evangelical leaders
thinking together about the crucial issues for mission in Europe today


Lausanne Europe, as part of the Conversation and Gathering initiative happening in October is launching a two-fold conversation. A local conversation happening through Impact Groups of ideally 10-12 people and online reflections.


These are key people from within your network and who might benefit from being included in the thinking, reflecting and connecting for mission. We recommend that a group meets once a month for 1-2 hours.


As you meet in your Impact Groups, you will formulate thoughts and conclusions that we would love for you to share with other Impact Groups. Each month there will be a comment section where you will be able to share your reflections.

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28th August 2021

The September 2021 Conversation Page

September 2021 ConversationWelcomeThis is the September 2021 Conversation page. We hope you have had a great summer and are ready to join in again with the Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation. This month's Impact Group will wrestle with...

20th May 2021

The June 2021 Conversation Page

, Facultatif

June 2021 ConversationWelcomeHow can we make Christ known in today’s Europe where scepticism and misconceptions about Christianity abound? The focus of the June 2021 Lausanne Europe Conversation is apologetics. Traditionally,...

28th April 2021

Understanding and Discipling Youth


Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash I am so thankful that from a young age my parents introduced me to the Bible and took me to kid’s camp, conferences and youth groups. I met some wonderful people that loved children and teenagers, and...

22nd April 2021

The May 2021 Conversation Page

May 2021 ConversationWelcomeThe May 2021 Lausanne Europe Conversation focusses on the challenge of reaching the next generation. We have two fascinating articles by specialists in this area. We will look at some very recent research...

29th March 2021

The April 2021 Conversation Page

April 2021 ConversationWelcomeThis month's Conversation provides two complementary perspectives on church planting in Europe today. We will hear from a dynamic Norwegian church planter who has helped to catalyse the planting of...

24th February 2021

The March 2021 Conversation Page

MARCH 2021 ConversationWelcomeThe last year has been an extraordinary time for all of us. Many of us are weary from all the challenges that adapting to Covid has posed for life and ministry. So we decided that this month's Lausanne...

26th November 2020

The December Conversation Page

December 2020 ConversationWelcomeWelcome to the December Conversation page, the last one for the unforgettable year of 2020. The focus for the final Impact Group of the year is community, so we are giving you fewer things to discuss...

3rd November 2020

The November Conversation Page

November 2020 ConversationWelcome November is here and with it a fresh set of materials for the Lausanne Europe Impact Groups. What does it mean to follow Jesus in 21st Century Europe? This question lies behind all the material in this...

6th October 2020

The Lausanne Covenant

Lausanne Movement,

The Lausanne Covenant is widely regarded as one of the most significant documents in modern church history. Emerging from the First Lausanne Congress in 1974, with John Stott as its Chief Architect, it served as a great rallying call...

6th October 2020

The October Conversation Page

Lausanne Europe,

October CONVERSATIONWelcomeThis month’s Impact Groups will think afresh on the Lausanne Covenant. Some of you will already be very familiar with it, but others may be less so. Then in the second part of the Impact Group, we will return...

1st July 2020



Burnout is something I hear about often in my conversations with people. Our self-test for burnout (Are You Showing Signs of Burnout?) has been a very popular resource over the years. Through my consultations with aid workers and...

1st July 2020

June Prayer Meeting

Prayer Meetings

June Prayer MeetingFollowing is a recording of the Zoom call from the 26th of June, 2020 where we spoke about the Conversation, heard a testimony of what the Lord is doing in one of the Impact Groups, and spent some time praying for...

9th June 2020

The June Conversation Page

Lausanne Europe,

June conversationWelcomeImpact Groups can find everything they need for the June Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation right here. This month’s Impact Group looks at the issue of Reconciliation and introduces the final of the five threads...

13th May 2020

The May Conversation Page

Lausanne Europe,

MAY CONVERSATIONWelcomeThis is the Impact Group page for the May Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation. If this is your first time joining in the LE20/21 Conversation, everything you need is right here. Just follow the steps below to...

17th April 2020

The April Conversation Page

Lausanne Europe,

APRIL CONVERSATIONWelcomeWelcome to the Impact Group page for the April Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation. If this is your first participation in the LE20/21 Conversation, just follow the steps below to guide your group through the...

16th April 2020

From the Housetop


Workplace ministry has taken on a new meaning for us here in Spain. For most of us our workplace is now located in our homes. This has levelled the playing field in that all of us have a similar workplace and are facing similar...

19th March 2020

The March Conversation Page

Lausanne Europe,

MARCH CONVERSATIONWelcomeWelcome to the Impact Group page for the March Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation. For some of you this will be your first participation in the LE20/21 Conversation. Just follow the steps to guide your group...

29th January 2020

The February Conversation Page

Lausanne Europe,

FEBRUARY CONVERSATIONWelcomeWelcome to the Impact Group page for the February Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation. Whether you are meeting face-to-face or virtually, delegates should make use of the following steps to guide their groups...

23rd January 2020

Optimism or Despair?

Articles, Vista, Who Speaks for Europe

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the health of Christianity in Europe? And speaking on behalf of your network, agency or church, what makes you optimistic about the church and mission in Europe? All the leaders who responded to...

23rd January 2020

The Headline

Articles, Vista, Who Speaks for Europe

Speaking on behalf of your network, agency or church, what do you think is the most important message to be communicated about mission in Europe today? This question elicited some very passionate, interesting and profound reflections....

23rd January 2020

Vox Pop

Articles, Vista, Who Speaks for Europe

In what ways do you or your agency/church make a distinct contribution in outlining a vision or addressing a challenge for mission in Europe? In answering this question, respondents demonstrated a wide range of approaches and...

23rd January 2020

Opening the Floor

Articles, Vista, Who Speaks for Europe

How can we make sure that these voices are heard? What kinds of platform can we provide for them to speak from? Given our tentative identification in Theme 1 of some of the voices being marginalised or ignored within European mission...

16th January 2020

Reimagining Europe

Articles, Visions of Europe, Vista

Long after the UK had joined the European Union (on New Year’s Day, 1973) it was not uncommon to hear Brits tell me they were ‘going to Europe for their holiday’. To be fair, when I started visiting the Scandinavian countries, I heard...