17th – 21st November 2021


800 Invitations Issued

10,000 Leaders Engaged


Europe has changed. And the challenges and opportunities for Christian mission have changed too.

The Lausanne Movement is seeking to respond to this new reality by facilitating a process that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, can make a difference for a generation. We want to give fresh impulse to the proclamation of the gospel in every country of Europe. We want to see biblical truth impacting every sphere of European society. And we want to encourage Christians to influence the realm of ideas which shape the worldviews of today’s Europeans.

That’s what the Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation and Gathering is all about.


Lausanne Europe 20/21 has two distinct elements: an extended Europe-wide conversation and a face-to-face gathering of representative leaders.

Participants in the gathering will be drawn from national denominations and Evangelical Alliances in every nation of Europe, from mission organisations and those whose professional work is their mission frontier, including diaspora church leaders, local church leaders, women and men, the young and the not-so-young. Attendance at the gathering will be limited to 800 people but our vision is much bigger. We want to engage 10,000 leaders in the conversation around the event so that, for every person who attends, at least twelve others can participate in the thinking, connecting, sharing and implementation of the initiatives that will come out of it.


Written as a roadmap for the Lausanne Movement, The Cape Town Commitment presents a statement of shared Biblical convictions, and calls Christians all over the world to action.



In the process, we want people to see, meet, talk and ultimately act
as we walk together to share the Dynamic Gospel in the New Europe.


The Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation and Gathering will help leaders to get new perspectives on Europe, to engage with research and resources that will open their eyes to the realities of our European context. We will cast a vision of Europe as a mission field so that churches and individuals are motivated to engage in missional initiatives.


The Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation and Gathering will facilitate connections between nations, denominations, generations, men and women, but also between European and diaspora church leaders. Our goal is to foster new Gospel partnerships that will give rise to fresh evangelistic initiatives.


The Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation and Gathering will provide a platform for sharing, listening and learning together, but also for prayer and listening to God. Our goal here is renewal of confidence in the Bible, in the local church as God’s way of impacting Europe, and in the power of whole-life transformational discipleship to change society.


The Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation and Gathering will stimulate action. Our goal is not just unity but collaboration in the re-evangelisation of Europe. We want to catalyse church planting, new evangelistic partnerships, innovative leadership development programmes, and fresh initiatives to engage with all spheres of European society.


During the Lausanne Europe 20/21 Gathering, 800 key evangelical leaders from all over Europe will
gather around the theme Dynamic Gospel – New Europe.
You can see an overview of the programme below.


The entire morning sessions will be spent in table groups, which will give us the opportunity to interact with one another as we listen, study, explore, pray, and engage with one another.

We will go through the epistle of Philippians as well as have the opportunity to listen to different voices from Europe each day.

In the second half of the morning sessions we will explore the contexts of the New Europe. Each day several speakers will give us keynotes to lead our table group discussions. We will particularly focus on the new cultural and spiritual diversity of Europe, the challenge of broken identity, and the trends that are shaping Europe today.


The afternoons will be spent in break-out groups that will give us opportunities to connect and network through one-on-one discussions.

Each day, major sessions called "multiplexes" will give us the opportunity to revisit the themes discussed in the morning sessions or to prepare the evening discussions. This will be the opportunity to explore the major challenges of our time.

After the multiplexes, we will have the opportunity to go deeper into the theme of our choice, through a large variety of workshops. These collaborative sessions will help us to engage in meaningful collaboration for the future of Gospel in Europe.


During the evening sessions we will focus on the dynamic Gospel.

On the first night we will set the frame for our expositions by starting in Acts 16 where we will see how the Gospel impacted Europe from the beginning. Then we will look at the history of the church and see how the lessons of past can inspire us to reach Europe today. On the third night we will look at how the Gospel is changing Europe today. Stories and lessons from church planting movements, diasporas, youths and other will inspire us, and encourage us to continue to bring the Gospel to Europe. Finally we will turn to the future, pray and dream for what the Gospel can do in the future of our continent.