We want to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ transform Europe in our generation. That is what the Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation and Gathering is all about: evangelical Christians, churches and ministries coming together to seek God, and how we might respond to the challenge of 21st Century Europe. The Gathering will draw together 800 delegates in Poland in November 2021 and undoubtedly that will have an impact. But imagine if we could multiply that impact tenfold. That is what the LE20/21 Impact Groups are for: to broaden the conversation so that many more people can participate in the listening, reflecting and sharing about what God is doing in Europe. And to take the ideas and proposals that will be generated at the Gathering and turn them into concrete actions that will make an impact in local communities in the years to come.


An Impact Group is comprised of you, the delegate, and ideally ten to twelve others who you think can benefit from participating in LE20/21. They may be people in your church, your organisation, or across your network. They will not be at the Gathering in person as you are, but they will be able to participate virtually by following the live stream. And in the period leading up to and immediately following the Gathering, we want to encourage you to meet up with them once a month so that they can fully participate in the LE20/21 Conversation.

The Impact Groups will do five things

You won't be doing all five every time you meet.
  • Reflect on Crucial Issues

    Reflect on and discuss some of the crucial issues for mission in Europe today that we will be addressing in the Gathering.

  • Engage with Scriptures

    Engage with Scripture, and particularly the chosen text for the Gathering, Paul’s Letter to the Philippians.

  • Consider Discipleship

    Consider aspects of discipleship.

  • Think Mobilisation

    Think about the challenge of mobilisation for mission in Europe and the world.

  • Pray Together

    Pray together for Europe.


Impact Groups may be comprised of people from your community and networks, whether local or not. Perhaps the group already exists in the form of a fraternity of pastors in your city, a group of leaders in your organisation, or as a bible study group in your church. Or perhaps you will select them more consciously across your networks. Typically, they will include people who have a heart for others and a desire to see change in their country or locality.



Luca is an influential pastor of a local church who thinks outside the box and has a keen sense of how to express Biblical truths that translate well into the surrounding culture.


Shadi was a refugee but is now an influential person in her church. She has a different perspective on life and ideas for the New Europe making her voice a key one in the conversation.


Mark works in public administration, but he has a heartbeat for gospel transformation on an individual and community level. His experience and wisdom will be a huge benefit to the group.


Maria is the director of a youth ministry which is having a tremendous impact amongst the young people in her city. Her insights on reaching the next generation are needed.


Joanna is a church member who wants to get more involved in ministry but doesn’t know how. She has a full-time job, is a mother of two, but wants to live out her faith in a more practical way.


David is a teenager with tremendous potential. His idealism and passion are a challenge to the status quo, but he also has an important contribution to make to the conversation.

A commitment

We are asking each and every delegate of Lausanne Europe 20/21 to commit to leading an Impact Group for the 12 months before and immediately following the Gathering. Groups should preferably meet once a month, for one to two hours maximum, and the meetings can be face-to-face or online. We want all the group members to see themselves as full participants in Lausanne Europe 20/21 and that means a commitment to discuss openly, contribute ideas and perspectives freely, to listen to each other generously and to consider seriously how to turn your reflection into action going forward.

All delegates will receive a monthly email with links to the articles we want you to read, the questions and discussion prompts to facilitate the conversation, Scriptures to reflect on and points for prayer. And after each Impact Group we want you to feed back to us briefly online your conclusions, questions or insights as a contribution to the Conversation. The Impact Group is an opportunity to bring along others to be full participants in LE20/21, so that they can influence many more, and impact Europe for Jesus. We are only asking for one to two hours a month. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to impact those around you.

For your convenience we have written a standard letter that you can use to invite people to join your Impact Group.

So let's get the Conversation going!
You can find everything you need here