Welcome to the Impact Group page for the March Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation. For some of you this will be your first participation in the LE20/21 Conversation. Just follow the steps to guide your group through the various elements.

The Gods of Europe

This month’s article by Olof Edsinger asks how can we ensure our relationship with Jesus is our priority and focus when we are surrounded by 21st Century idols of individualism, materialism and hedonism.


Dear fellow brothers and sisters, here’s a dream of discipleship for Lausanne Europe 20/21 – the gospel of Jesus Christ dynamically changing each of us, our churches and Christian organizations, and European society to become more like Christ and His Kingdom. We need do nothing more than follow Christ’s example for making disciples. It starts with individual people who become radically renewed and share that transformation with others. We grow and feed others spiritually, teaching them to observe all that Christ has taught, thus shaping our churches and Christian organizations. Finally, growing bodies of disciples will see their community with the compassion of Christ and thus be moved to make an impact at a macro level in their local community and society. This progression from individual to church to society will be the pattern for our discipleship thread leading up to the LE20/21 Gathering in November 2021.

This month, we’ll look at two key aspects of our personal gospel growth in Christ as His followers: being shaped by Scripture and praying continuously. In regard to the first, one challenge we face is taking Scripture for granted. We can become overly familiar with the Living Word. On the other hand, we also tend to disbelieve in the Bible’s power to change the very core of our and other’s hearts as we engage with the reality, hardships and challenges of everyday life. Let’s acknowledge these challenges and seek the true and living Word of God to light our way forward and faithfully renew our hearts.

The second aspect is to devote ourselves to prayer continually for our own sin and renewal as well as that of Europe. We can easily pray without it stemming from His resurrection power moving our spirit. We can also lead others through strenuous efforts in His name but without relying solely in The Name of Jesus Christ to accomplish His purposes through us. The truth is, God sovereignly accomplishes and provides more than we can ask or imagine. Reading His Word and ongoing prayer remind us of this fact so we rejoice in His faithfulness and generosity.

We want to see Europe transformed by the power of the gospel, but first we need the gospel to transform us. We cannot give away what we do not have. We have His Spirit and the person of Christ living and active in us! The transformation of Europe begins with a renewal of the fire in our own hearts.

For the discussion questions see Point 3

1. Introductions and Prayer

If this is your first time together, make sure everyone has a moment to introduce themselves. Also, please take a moment at the beginning to pray for Europe and the ongoing Coronavirus which is having such a devastating impact on our world.
  1. Pray for all those who are infected with the COVID-19 virus or facing quarantine- for God's power to heal them through the care of the doctors and nurses, and that all around them might be comforted by the Holy Spirit.
  2. Pray that God might give our leaders wisdom and guidance as they make hard decisions that affect families, communities, cities and nations.
  3. Pray for hope and a deep faith in God to be restored in Europe even as we face these challenging and uncertain times.

2. Reading and Reflection

We strongly recommend that everyone comes to the Impact Group having already read the article on “The gods of Europe” but if you have not had time you can read it together now. We then suggest you discuss the following questions.
  1. Would you describe your own country as ”godless” or ”religious”? Why?
  2. Do you recognise the idols of power, money and sex functioning as “gods” in Europe today, and if so in what ways?
  3. The article calls on Christians to challenge the gods of our culture. How can we do that in practice?
  4. Which of the “five traits of resilient aliens”, things that might help us to survive and thrive as disciples in digital Babylon, did you find most compelling?

3. Discussion Questions

Read the text on discipleship, then consider the following questions.

Questions for personal reflection before the Impact Group

  • What gets in the way of you dwelling in the Word?
  • What do you find hard about prayer?
  • What one step could you take to grow as a disciple through His Word and/or prayer?

Questions for discussion at the Impact Group

  • What is it about European or our local cultures that can cause us to doubt God's Word and the power of prayer? How can we defeat these influences mentally?
  • How have you seen God work in you significantly through Bible reading and/or prayer?
  • What gets in the way of European Christians you know dwelling in the Word?

4. Prayer

Each time your Impact Group meets, we want you to pray together. To pray for Europe, for the Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation and Gathering, and for any issues that emerge during your discussions. Here are the prayer points for March:
    • Ask God to search your heart and examine your life for gods (whether subtle or deliberate) that might have taken the place of the Almighty God in your: personal life, family, church, community, nation and Europe at large.
    • Repent of these things, surrendering totally to the Lordship of Christ in these areas.
  1. Pray for a humility of heart and unity among Christ-followers in Europe, that we might be devoted to honouring God and give Him His rightful place as the Almighty God in our personal lives, in our cities and in our church communities.
  2. Pray for an undivided heart that will be rooted in the word of God and be fully devoted to cultivating a lifestyle of prayer.
  3. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to meditate on scripture, and be surrendered to His leading so that He can reveal to you how God wants you to respond personally and on behalf of your family, church and the nation.

5. Make Your Contribution to the Conversation

Immediately following your Impact Group, we would like your group to summarise what you hear from the Lord, the discussion, ask any questions or leave other thoughts in the comments box immediately below. You might want to read what others have written too. And feel free to make use of the Shareables on your social media. See you next month.