Networking Seminar

Alongside Roma Christians: Working together for Holistic Change in Roma Communities

God has been working actively in Roma communities for decades, as can be seen in the rapid growth of Christianity in places like France, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. Roma Christians have much to offer the church in Europe, and they also face significant challenges involving poverty, job creation, lack of education, migration, and discrimination. Come and learn more about what God is doing in Europe's largest minority and ways to think about partnering with Roma Christians to address these challenges.
About the speaker

Radko is from Bulgaria and is married with two children. He has worked with YWAM Central Europe for 24 years. In addition, he has worked among the Roma in Europe over the past two decades. In the last few years, God has given him a passion to start a few things in the Middle East. He and his family are Roma, and they love music, travel and to have deep communication with friends and to barbecue!

About the speaker

Melody is originally from the USA, but has been living in Croatia since 2011. She is a writer, researcher and lecturer, and recently earned a PhD from Oxford Centre for Mission Studies researching Roma Pentecostalism in Croatia and Serbia. She loves adventuring in the outdoors and has readily adopted the Croatian custom of leisurely coffee with friends!