Networking Seminar

Anxiety Among the Young

Anxiety is one of the biggest issues everyone is facing in this time of multicrises. It has much to do with uncertainty, something especially relevant to the young. How do we deal with this, no matter our age? How can we help those with less experience and bigger challenges in front of them? Is there anything we can do to face these changes successfully in every way, physically, emotionally, and spiritually? The answer to all three is DEFINITELY YES!
About the speaker

Lidia Martín Torralba is a Spanish psychologist, writer and speaker who has been attending individuals, couples, and families from Madrid for nearly 20 years. She is an active part of the Teaching Ministry in ICONO, the Christian Community she attends in the capital, and has recently published a book called PSYCHOLOGY OF CHANGE (only published in Spanish with The Agustin Agency), where she helps to understand what goes on in people when we face multiple crises in our lives, and how to cope with them. Lidia currently serves as President of the Group of Evangelical Psychologists in Spain and is a frequent contributor to several interdenominational ministries in her country as well.