Networking Seminar

Church Revitalization - a Vision and a Process

How can new life (revitalization!) be nurtured in a church that is stagnating or declining? There can be no quick fix, but this seminar will suggest ways to become a meaningful church in present day Europe. However, you can have the best tools, processes and analysis for church revitalization and still miss God's plan for a church, by increasing its pain and sense of guilt. What mistakes can we avoid and how can we contextualize revitalization in very diverse situations?
About the speaker

David Brown has been a pastor in France for many years, involved in both church planting and church revitalization. He chairs the Evangelism Commission of the National Council of French Evangelicals (CNEF) and runs seminars on church revitalization in France and across Europe. He teaches the topic in the Geneva Bible Institute and other ministerial training colleges. He leads the Church Revitalization Network of the ELF (European Leadership Forum). He has written a dozen books on the interface between Christian belief and contemporary culture. He lives in Paris with his wife Mary, and they have 4 adult children and 11 grandchildren. David loves reading, football and music (especially blues and Bach).

About the speaker

Jiří Unger is General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance in the Czech Republic and former president of the European Evangelical Alliance. Jiří leads the M4 Church Planting training initiative in the Czech Republic, which has trained 38 church planting teams since 2012 and serves as a coach in the area of church planting, church revitalization and leadership. He also leads the Czech Republic’s Evangelical Forum and is a chairman of the Board of the Christian Youth Academy and of M4 Europe. Jiří has four sons with his wife Michaela and lives in Prague. He loves photography, mineral hunting, and great books with hot coffee.