Networking Seminar

Dialogue with Catholic Christians

Dialogue is a buzzword that can mean many things. There is certainly a place for dialogue among Evangelicals and Catholics, but what does such a dialogue entail? Is dialogue synonymous with a retrieved unity or does dialogue need to overcome the theological and historical barriers? The seminar will address the issue, pointing to some biblical, historical, and contextual considerations and giving opportunities for different experiences in such dialogue in Europe to be heard.
About the speaker

Leonardo De Chirico is lecturer of Historical Theology at IFED (Padova, Italy), director of the Reformanda Initiative ( and chair of the theological commission of the Italian Evangelical Alliance. His books include Evangelical Theological Perspectives on post-Vatican II Roman Catholicism (Bern: Peter Lang, 2003), A Christian Pocket Guide to the Papacy (Fearn: Christian Focus, 2015) and A Christian Pocket Guide to Mary (Fearn: Christian Focus, 2017). His forthcoming book is Same Words, Different Worlds: Do Roman Catholics and Evangelicals Believe the Same Gospel? (London, IVP: 2021). He lives in Rome (Italy) with his wife Valeria, where they serve in the evangelical church Breccia di Roma.