Networking Seminar

God’s Refugees Among Us: Let Them Flourish

This seminar will set the stage for understanding the biblical foundations and the theological framework around the refugee situation. Might there be another way to call it than a “Refugee crisis”? Are the refugees only beneficiaries or do they have something crucial to bring to the table? And what is God’s plan for refugees among us?

This seminar is also an invitation to rethink “as the Church of Christ” and reflect on how we, as its European leaders, can embrace God’s refugees.
About the speaker

DM is a Western European woman who has served in Central Asia, in a Muslim country considered the least reached with the Gospel in the world. She is finishing a Master of Arts in Global Leadership from Fuller Seminary and is continuing ministry among the same people group, this time in Greece – the pinnacle of the refugee movement in the last years. Good food shared with family or friends, herbal tea, and cosying up with a book are part of her definition of happiness.

About the speaker
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Peter Vimalasekaran was born in Sri Lanka and experienced a refugee life for several years. He studied Accounting and Marketing before he studied Pastoral Theology at Reformed Baptist Seminary, London. He holds a Diploma in Mission Studies from Irish Baptist College in Northern Ireland. He completed a Bachelor of Divinity from the Queen’s University of Belfast in 1997 and pursued a Master of Philosophy at the same Institution. In 2008, he achieved a Doctor of Ministry in Intercultural Studies in Reformed Theological Seminary. His thesis was titled “A Biblical Model of Refugee Ministry”. Peter and his wife Louise with 4 children have been ministering to refugees for over 2 decades in Germany and in many other countries. Vimal is also pastoring a Tamil Migrant Congregation for over 16 years in Frankfurt, Germany.