Networking Seminar

In His Image: Reaching "New Europe" through Oral Communication

Since the Creation, God has used oral methods to communicate and teach His story. In this seminar, we will explore how the features of oral communication, with their foundations in Scripture, can be used to reach a growing generation of oral communicators in a "post-textual" society.
About the speaker

Billy Coppedge and his wife, Joanna, live and work in Uganda with their five children. They are convinced that the primary way for Godly transformation to happen is through people encountering the Word of God, both the person of Jesus and the Scriptures. Thus, they serve alongside the Africa Gospel Church in Uganda as pastoral training consultant. Billy also serves as a catalyst for orality within The Lausanne Movement and has a PhD from the University of Edinburgh in World Christianity.

About the speaker

Ricki serves as Lausanne Catalyst for Orality and as Chief Operating and Academic Administration Officer for the 4.2.20 Foundation – Institute for Biblical Languages and Translation. He co-authored and was the film producer of Master Storyteller: God’s Oral Communication in the Bible and Hebrew Tradition (COS/Lausanne).

He graduated from the University of Oxford with an MA (Oxon) in Russian and Linguistics and has extensive experience in communications and marketing.

Ricki grew up in the UK and has lived, worked, and ministered in English, Russian, Spanish and Hebrew contexts. Currently, Ricki and his wife live in Israel and serve in the leadership of a local congregation. They have three children, ages 9-13. In his spare time, Ricki is a jazz musician and plays with local groups.