Networking Seminar

The Christian and Political Involvement

This seminar will help the participants to get a grip on the basics of Christian involvement in politics. How do you translate Christian engagement in political engagement? What are the key steps in understanding this process? Most of all the seminar will focus on a Christian worldview adapted for political engagement in today's Europe.
About the speaker

Johannes de Jong has been working for Sallux since it’s start in 2011 and is now Director. He has been focusing on economy and international relations with specific attention to those who are quickly overlooked in the global economy and geopolitics. For him salt means that we as Christians need to be sharp and clear (‘salted debate’) and practical in order to prevent the most oppressed being forgotten in economy and international relations. Light means for him that it is often necessary to shed new light on the issues and to work on new paradigms in order to find solutions that solve the underlying issues in the challenges we are confronted with.