Vista edition 35


By Jo Appleton

When Jesus said, ‘Follow me’, he wasn’t the first person to do so. But the act of being a disciple, and engaging in the practice of discipleship has been associated with the Christian faith ever since.

This issue of Vista is the first of three which will reflect discussion themes of the Lausanne Europe 2020 Gathering to be held later this year. Each article focuses on a different aspect of how we encourage discipleship in 21st Century Europe.

Olof Edsinger asks how can we ensure our relationship with Jesus is our priority and focus when we are surrounded by 21st Century idols of individualism, materialism and hedonism. The media may be accused of promoting these idols, but rather than rejecting technology outright, Margunn Serigstad Dahle asks how can we be more strategic in using media to promote the Gospel and enable more effective discipleship.

Mike Betts explores some of the ways we can intentionally create a sustainable culture of discipleship, and Manfred Kohl challenges us to look first at ourselves, highlighting the importance of living lives of integrity as we follow Christ.

Our lead article is a bit different though. Vista is celebrating 10 years of publication and Jim Memory writes about the values that have shaped Vista’s focus over the decade, while looking forward to its future. And while we celebrate all that Vista has meant over the years, our prayer is that you will continue to find it a useful tool in your life and ministry as a disciple of Christ in Europe today.