Introducing the Conversation

The Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation is a fundamental part of our vision for this initiative. We see it as a huge opportunity to discern what God is doing in Europe today and work with him in that.

What is the Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation?

Imagine being part of a conversation with 10,000 Evangelical leaders from every country in Europe. Imagine thinking together about the crucial issues for mission in Europe today and how God is working in your country and locality. Imagine discovering people in other parts of Europe who are doing similar ministries to yours and finding ways of partnering with them to evangelise Europe. That is what the Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation is about.

The gathering itself is limited to 800 delegates. But nothing is stopping us from engaging many more people in the Conversation so that, in the months leading up to November 2021, during the event itself, and afterwards, thousands of others become participants. All it takes is for each of those 800 delegates to draw in 12 other people. Just imagine the impact that could have on Europe today. It could be generation-defining.

As a LE20/21 delegate, what are you asking of me?

We want you and all the Lausanne Europe 20/21 delegates to commit to not only attend the gathering but also to facilitate the Conversation. This means identifying key people from within your networks who might benefit from being included in the thinking, reflecting and connecting for mission that are at the heart of Lausanne. They might be church leaders, professionals, young or old, but ideally, they should be people who are having an influence on others. The goal is 12 people, but it could be more or less depending on what you can cope with. They don’t necessarily have to be part of your church or organisation, but they should be willing to engage in the Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation for the months leading up to the conference and immediately after. We want every person who is part of one of these groups to feel a full participant in Lausanne Europe 20/21.

And what will the Conversation involve?

We want the Conversation to serve and equip you and all the people in your group. On a monthly basis starting in January 2020, you will be sent resources to stimulate reflection. We would like you to distribute these resources to your group and then to find a way to talk about them together. This could be face-to-face, via a conference call, through a Facebook or WhatsApp group, whatever works best for your people.

We might ask participants to do a little preparation before you talk together, and sometimes the resource will be something that we hope adds value to your lives and ministries, but we will certainly be asking you to pray. We want all participants to engage in the Conversation once a month.

Participants will also be encouraged to join the gathering virtually in November 2021, to take advantage of all the connections that result from it, and to participate in the gospel initiatives that will result from in it the months and years after the gathering. In short, we want them to see you as their delegate at the gathering and themselves as participants in the Conversation.

What do you want me to do now?

If you haven't already done this, please:
  • Identify people in your network who might be interested in becoming participants in Lausanne Europe 20/21 Conversation.
  • Explain to them what the Conversation involves and the commitment we are asking from them.
  • Discuss how and when you will connect face-to-face or virtually once a month.
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