Teaching Seminar

Learning from History: Key Lessons from the Early Church and the Reformation

Getting to know our own history provides us with personal and cultural identity. Knowing the history of the Christian church gives us significant insights and perspectives for our ministry context today. In the format of a conversation, this seminar focuses on key lessons from the early church and the Reformation as two seminal periods in European church history.
About the speaker
Lindsay Brown

Lindsay Brown is a native of Wales. He studied European history (MA) in Oxford, and theology in Paris. He served as General Secretary of IFES (1991 -2007) and as the International Director of the Lausanne Movement (2008-2017). He’s been involved in student ministry, with his wife Ann, for 40 years and is involved in the FEUER network of European University evangelists who are engaged in the public communication of the gospel in universities across the continent. He is the author of several books including "Shining Like Stars: The power of the gospel in the world universities", and "Into all the World: The missionary vision of Luther and Calvin".

About the speaker
Lars Dahle

Lars Dahle serves as Chair for Lausanne Europe 20/21. He is a theologian, educator, preacher, and apologist. Lars is Associate Professor in Systematic Theology and Christian Apologetics at NLA University College (Kristiansand, Norway) and serves as Executive Director of Damaris Norway, a project organization which resources Christians for the dual tasks of ‘double listening’ and apologetics. Since 2013, he has been Lausanne Catalyst for Media Engagement, with a global involvement in training and equipping evangelical leaders and communicators. Lars is the Founding Editor of the peer-reviewed Nordic apologetic journal Theofilos. He is married to Margunn Serigstad Dahle and enjoys movies, history, walking, and gardening.

About the speaker
Roland Werner

Roland Werner is a German evangelist, Bible translator, church-planter and professor of theology. He holds a Ph.D. in African Linguists and a Ph.D. in Theology. Together with his wife Elke he lives in Marburg and is also chairman of Lausanne Germany and of proChrist.