Teaching Seminar

Surprising Stories of Church Planting in Contemporary Europe

Is there a new day for the church in Europe? Where many people see decline and stagnation, there is a stream of new attempts to plant communities that reach people with the Gospel and reimagine the future of the European church. What are the stories and lessons learned from current church planting across Europe?
About the speaker

Ron Anderson was born and raised in Guatemala where his parents ministered with the Maya Quiche people. He received a BA from Asbury University and later an MAS from Azusa Pacific University. Together with his wife Brenda, he has been involved in ministries related to church planting in Europe, particularly Spain, since 1978.

In addition to being the Lausanne Catalyst for Church Planting, Ron is the European church planting consultant and trainer for the European Christian Mission International. He also leads the Spain National Platform for church planting. Ron and Brenda are both involved in a local church planting project in the area of Madrid, Spain.

About the speaker

Øivind Augland has been a pastor and church planter within the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Norway for 30 years. He has led the national network for church planting in Norway for 10 years (SENT Norway) and is the founder of M4 Church Planting network in Europe. M4 is currently working in 15 European nations. Øivind has also initiated the NCPP (National Church Planting Process, see Nc2P.org) and Exponential Europe (Exponential.eu). He is the founder and co-owner of Xpand Norway and Persolog Norway. He is also a part of the international board of Xpand. Øivind's call in life is to bring unity and multiplication. Unity: To bring people from all nations, generations, denominations and ministries to work side-by-side in expanding the Kingdom (Nehemiah 3:1f). And multiplication: Train others that can train others in a life of Grace and Truth (2 Timothy 2:2). Øivind is married to Linda, with whom he has four children.

About the speaker

Jiří Unger is General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance in the Czech Republic and former president of the European Evangelical Alliance. Jiří leads the M4 Church Planting training initiative in the Czech Republic, which has trained 38 church planting teams since 2012 and serves as a coach in the area of church planting, church revitalization and leadership. He also leads the Czech Republic’s Evangelical Forum and is a chairman of the Board of the Christian Youth Academy and of M4 Europe. Jiří has four sons with his wife Michaela and lives in Prague. He loves photography, mineral hunting, and great books with hot coffee.