From the Housetop

Photo by Pau Sayrol on Unsplash

Workplace ministry has taken on a new meaning for us here in Spain. For most of us our workplace is now located in our homes. This has levelled the playing field in that all of us have a similar workplace and are facing similar challenges!! In this situation when we are not able to ‘go-out’ to minister, we are finding new ways to minister from home base. Certainly our internet based communications has increased, but what about reaching those in our own neighbourhood.  

Locked in our homes several of us in Spain have begun to use the Mathew 10:27 method, “Proclaim it from the housetops.” My wife and I have offered our services as self proclaimed chaplains for the local homeowners association. We were thanked for our offer, and a notice was circulated to the neighbours. Our home happens to be placed in the middle of some 100 homes. 

Asking God for courage, I recommissioned my 35 year-old home-sound-system and put one speaker out each attic window, facing in two different directions. Each night at 8pm it is a new custom for all the neighbours to go onto their balconies or open a window to clap in recognition of those working on the front lines. When the clapping dies down and before they close the windows, I broadcast a 3-4 minute message of hope and encouragement usually ending with the Lord’s prayer. Each night an increasing number of neighbours respond with a strong round of applause. When life is on the line, the limitation of ‘humanity’s wager,’ which proclaims that there is no God, has nothing to offer. Over 700 people died yesterday (26.03.2020) in Spain as a consequence of Covid-19. This is our moment as people of faith to share the good news of the Kingdom of God even from the housetops. Thanks for praying. We are praying for you as well. We are all in this together.