MARCH 2021 Conversation


The last year has been an extraordinary time for all of us. Many of us are weary from all the challenges that adapting to Covid has posed for life and ministry. So we decided that this month's Lausanne Europe Conversation should speak to our hearts as much as to our heads. There is an inspiring article on Resilience by the Spanish author and psychiatrist Pablo Martinez. And to accompany that, there is another podcast that looks at how resilience relates to discipleship.

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Resilience: Hope and Patience Embrace Each Other

Resilience, patience, contentment, and hope. Pablo Martinez explores the dimensions of each of these important words and then expounds further as he deals with the questions and answers that emerged from his presentation. Before you have your Impact Group, make sure you have read the article.

Discipleship Podcast

We would also like you to listen to another Podcast in preparation for this month's Impact Group. Jay Eastman and Kristian Lande talk with Slovenian youth leader Zala Cempre about the challenges of making disciples during a pandemic but also how the church has pulled together in new ways too.
Podcast and Transcript

1. Introductions and Prayer

Give time for everyone to introduce themselves if this is your first Impact Group. Ask someone to pray that God would speak to us as we meet together.

2. Resilience: Hope and Patience Embrace Each Other

Pablo Martinez's article considers how we can move from what is our instinctive response to adversity as human beings (resistance/resilience) to the more distinctive responses of patience, contentment, and hope. Use the following questions to process the article in your Impact Group:
  1. What has helped you to be resilient over this past year?
  2. How have you developed patience, contentment, and hope in these difficult times?
  3. We have all faced challenges over this time, but more than that, we have suffered loss — the end of lives, dreams, or events that should have taken place. Have you taken time to mourn these? If so, how have you mourned without ending up in bitterness?
  4. How would you answer the question that was put to Pablo: “How do you build a faith that overcomes obstacles and solidly believes in the midst of great difficulties?”
  5. Were there any other insights from the article or the Q and A that particularly impacted you?

3. Discipleship Podcast

We hope you enjoyed listening to the podcast, both the word of encouragement from Jay Eastman and the interview with Zala Cempre. We would now like you to discuss the podcast in your Impact Group. Here are some questions to get you started.
  1. In these times that require resilience, where have you seen God’s faithfulness?
  2. How have you seen the Church remain connected and prosper in her mission over the past year? In what ways might she do better?
  3. Have you struggled to lead yourself and others in disciple-making over this time? Have you been tempted to give up and, if so, what did you do?

4. Prayer

Always make sure that you leave enough time to pray together every time you meet. Here are the prayer points for this month’s Conversation:
  1. Take a moment to find comfort in the promise that God knows every detail of our lives and we can trust that He walks with us; He strengthens us and encourages us on this journey of discipleship, even in the face of difficulties (2 Corinthians 1:3-5).
  2. Pray for guidance and strength for those of us whose hearts are growing weary or getting discouraged by the current circumstances.
  3. Pray for God to grow our character in patience, contentment, and hope, as we develop our resilience in being disciples and in making disciples (Romans 5:4-5).

5. Make Your Contribution to the Conversation

We really want to hear back from your Impact Group after each session. Please find a few minutes to summarise what you hear from God, the highlights of the discussion, and any questions that were raised, in the comments box immediately below.