Press Release | Lausanne Europe 2020 Postponed

Press Release 30 April 2020
Lausanne Europe 2020

Lausanne Europe 2020 Conversation and Gathering Dynamic Gospel – New Europe Postponed until November 2021

The Lausanne Europe 2020 Coordination Team has taken the decision to postpone the Gathering planned for October 2020 in Poland due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It will now take place from 17th to 21st November 2021. A virtual event is being planned for October 2020.

Lars Dahle, the Chair of Lausanne Europe 2020, explained that the leadership had both pastoral and practical concerns for the delegates, but also had to consider the possibility that travel restrictions might still be in place in some parts of Europe in October which would prevent them from attending the Gathering in Poland.

Whilst the Gathering has been postponed, the LE2020 Conversation has already begun. For the last few months, Lausanne Europe delegates and other church leaders and influencers have been meeting across Europe in what are called Impact Groups. The idea is that each of the 800 selected delegates form an Impact Group of 10-12 people to reflect on the key issues for mission in Europe today, on Scripture, discipleship, mobilisation, and prayer. The hope is that, by the time the delegates meet up in Wisla, Poland in November 2021, as many as 10,000 evangelical leaders might be part of the Lausanne Europe Conversation. The Conversation is open to all and more information on how to start an Impact Group can be found here.

Lausanne Europe is planning a virtual gathering in October 2020 (date and details to be confirmed shortly). Delegates and their Impact Groups from across Europe will be encouraged to come together online and be introduced to some of the key issues that will be dealt with during the 2021 gathering under the theme of Dynamic Gospel – New Europe. For this is the purpose of Lausanne Europe: that all these initiatives might contribute to the evangelisation of Europe.