Vista edition 34


By Jim Memory

Each of us has a perspective on Europe which is unique and valuable, but it is not the whole picture. To see what is really happening with mission in Europe we need to see Europe from different points of view.

The last issue of Vista sought to identify the voices that were often missing from the conversation on mission in Europe: young people, women, Central and Eastern European voices and migrant perspectives. So we invited authors from each of these groups to provide their own unique perspective on mission in Europe

The lead article by Darrell Jackson introduces the theme and encourages us to embrace the tremendous diversity of Europe as we reimagine how to do mission in contemporary Europe.

Luke Greenwood provides a young people’s perspective and reminds us that beneath the secular veneer of global youth culture lies a deep spiritual hunger. Evi Rodemann highlights some of the challenges and injustices that Christian women endure across Europe whilst pointing to exciting initiatives that women are championing.

Alex Vlasin calls for Eastern and Western churches and agencies to listen to each other and work together, an appeal that is picked up by Harvey Kwiyani whose African view echoes many of the same points.

As editors of Vista our prayer is that this latest issue might help to balance the one-sided perspectives on mission in Europe today.