Networking Seminars

You will be able to choose between these networking seminars, which will consist of about 30min talks from 1-2 speakers, followed by 25 minutes of live discussion, summed up by the speaker(s) with a short “where do we go from here?”. These seminars are more practical and we hope you'll be able to meet others with similar interests.

Europe’s Role in World Mission

Rolf Kjøde and Peter Oyugi

Networking SeminarEurope’s Role in World MissionThis seminar affirms the position that Europe still has a role to play in world mission alongside...

Preaching with a Missional Aim

Hélder Favarin

Networking SeminarPreaching with a Missional AimWhat if we preached to both Christians and non-Christians from the same sermon in our church servic...

Dynamic Gospel in the Marketplace

Cristian Balaceanu, Andreas Bomann-Larsen, Paulina Krol and Kina Robertshaw

Networking SeminarDynamic Gospel in the MarketplaceThree Christian perspectives on living out the dynamic Gospel in the marketplace in a new Europe.

Ethics and AI

Alessandro Piccirillo and Jan Sturesson

Teaching SeminarEthics and AIAI is useful. AI is problematic. AI is pervasive. Areas of application vary immensely and are increasing. As with any ...

Operation World

Molly Wall

Networking SeminarOperation WorldEuropean evangelicals are uniquely positioned to offer a gift to the Global Church. A large segment of Europe’s ...

Islam and Apologetics

Karim Arezki and Hatun Tash

Networking SeminarIslam and ApologeticsIn this seminar, we will try to demonstrate that apologetics are necessary to proclaim the Gospel to the Mus...